WaterRower Rowing Machines: Back To Nature

If you intend to go rowing outdoors, then practicing using an indoor rowing machine that mimics the behaviour of an actual paddle on a boat is highly recommended. This is where the WaterRower Rowing Machines enter the picture. All WaterRower equipment use the water system technology to produce resistance needed in an effective workout. There are various online sources where you can get more information about water rowing machines: click to read more

Basically, the machines have a flywheel inside a water tank. The user then pulls and let go the handle which turns the flywheel which in turn generates resistance as it moves against the water in the tank. And just like paddling a real boat, the faster you row the greater the resistance generated.

This is so different with machines that use magnetic resistance. Machines that use magnetic resistance often experience heavy resistance at the beginning of the workout and very little resistance towards the end of the training routine. This will never happen with the WaterRower machines since resistance is generated naturally.

Different Models

Some of the well known models of the WaterRower include the WaterRower Club rowing machine, WaterRower Oxbridge rowing machine, WaterRower Natural rowing machine, WaterRower Classic rowing machine, WaterRower S1 and the WaterRower M1 Hi-Rise rower.

The designs of these machines are made for your home. The compact and easy storage design allows it to be used even in small apartments or condominiums. Plus, because of the double rail system, the ball bearing wheels, and the frame construction the WaterRower machines are pretty quiet and will not disturb you or your neighbors as you train on them.

Hardwood-Frame Design

Since these machines have a number of similarities, it is best that we group them according to comparable features and functionalities. The WaterRower Natural, Classic, Oxbridge and Club have the same wooden frame construction. The woods used are either Ash wood, Cherry wood or Black Walnut.

The good thing about using wood is that it absorbs the noise and vibration that is generated during the workout. This leaves the user with the sound of the swishing of water inside the water tank. The wooden frame design also makes the machines look quite elegant and classy.

These models also can be equipped with a performance monitor that displays the workout intensity, the stroke rate, the heart rate, the duration of the workout and the distance. Also, they use precision a sprag clutch which allows the user to pull the handle without feeling a jerk unlike other machines.

Steel Frame

Meanwhile, the WaterRower M1 Hi-Rise Rowing Machine and the WaterRower S1 Rowing Machine are mainly differentiated from the others with their frame design. Instead of solid wood, the M1 and S1 use brushed stainless steel design in its frame that give them a modern and sophisticated look. It has the same unique double rail design to make the rowing experience smooth and reliable.

The M1 Hi-Rise as its name suggests is an elevated version of the rowing machine. The seat is raised to about 20 inches from the ground as compared to 12 inches for the rest of the WaterRower models. The elevated seat of the M1 caters to users that are having problems with the low designs of the other WaterRower rowing machines.